Grout & Sealer

After the tile is set and the adhesives have been given adequate time to cure, it is time to apply the grout. Grout is a malleable compound used to fill in the spaces between each tile. Choosing a grout color can be a very difficult process and may result in some trial and error. Ask your contractor to provide you with some samples to review, and to apply it in an inconspicuous area before making your final decision. Nothing can ruin a good tile installation faster than a grout choice made hastily.

If using regular grout (as opposed to epoxy grout or polymer modified grout) be sure that the contractor applies liberal amounts of grout sealer after the grout has been given the appropriate amount of time to cure per the manufacturers recommendations. This small but important step will help the grout resist stains and other forms of wear for a considerably longer period of time.

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